GroupBunniesOne of the first projects I ever learned to crochet was this bunny pattern by Stephanie Lau of  I loved the easy pattern and all the ways I could easily dress the bunnies up and make each on my own.

It actually was spring when I first decided it would be amazing to create a set of bunnies each representing a season. I recently finished the last bunny (fall) and got such positive feed back I thought I would share a bit about each bunny.

As I mentioned the first bunny was spring. I decided to give this bunny a feminine look using sets of double crochets to give the bunny a skirt.  Looking a little barren I felt she needed extra accessories and decided to give her some leaves a little bee on her head made from embroidery thread and a 1.5mm hook to keep the items small.  You can create you own leaves using this awesome pattern on
spring_bunnyOnce spring bunny was finished I couldn’t help but keep going. Next was summer bunny. I knew I wanted to make her with a little swim suit and a floaty. I started with a red and white striped floaty but felt it was missing something whimsical.  I eventually settled on a ducky floaty. The yellow and blue gave bunny good contrast and I finished her off with a small starfish I had left over from a previous project.

Ducky can easily be created crocheting in small rounds. For the eyes I used small scrap-booking brads and the beak was done crocheting rounds around a small chain.
summer_bunnyNext I moved on to winter bunny. I actually had some thin yarn leftover that I got at the 99cent store of all places. It was perfect Ice blue I was looking for to represent winter. Again I gave her a little skirt this time giving it ruffles using a simple technique. You can achieve this by crocheting multiple single crochets into one stitch. The “stuffing” of the many stitches will eventually create a wave effect.  To complete the look I gave her little pom pom earmuffs. You can do this using a pom pom maker (clover brand makes one) or I did it old fashioned way with my hands. You can find many videos on Youtube showing you how. Like this! I Lastly I gave bunny ice skates using cut pieces of floral wire.

winter_bunnyShe looked pretty sad still like something was missing and so I decided to make her a little snowman friend. Again I used a thin white yarn I found at the 99cent store. he was made crocheting in small rounds and black brads for the eyes.  His hat is made from felt and the buttons small pearls.

snowmanI was just about to start on the last bunny for fall when I realized I completely ran out of the Bernat baby softee yarn in antique white I was using (2.3mm hook). The project stalled for months since I never got around to getting more yarn. By the time the yarn was replenished it was fall! I guess it was appropriate for fall bunny. This was the hardest one for me to get inspired. I bounced around ideas of giving her a Halloween costume or dressing her like a pilgram. In the end i just went the old fashioned route. A cute scarf and fun friends like pumpkins and a turkey to keep her company. Her buttons again are made from scrap-booking brads. I gave her a small pumpkin and corn headpiece as well.

You too can make small pumpkins simply by crocheting a small ball and creating sections by weaving the yarn from top to bottom. The turkey is made using embroidery thread and working in rounds. The tail is a flat circle embellished with groupings of 5 double crochets to give it the feathered look.  I will be sharing this pattern shortly and showing you how you can use it as a place card decoration for your thanksgiving table. So check back soon!

Fall_640TurkeyI hope you enjoyed this look into my bunny making and I hope you get inspired for new projects of your own. Till next time happy crocheting!

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