Pandas are all the craze these days. I’ve been seeing them everywhere from piggy banks and stuffed animals to T-shirts and public art displays. I can see the allure with their adorable faces and unique coloring. When a friend posted this sleep mask found on Ebay I was inspired to make my own.


It ended being pretty simple so I thought I would share the pattern with you all so you could make your own.


  • Elastic band
  • Black felt
  • Black yarn ( I used Bernat Satin in ebony)
  • White or cream yarn (I used loops and threads impeccable in aran)
  • Backing fabric of your choice.
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook

Sc=single crochet
Sl st = slip stitch

Mask (small)
Ch 25
R1: starting 2nd ch from the hook sc back across the chain and around the other side (48)
R2: sc, inc, sc 21, inc, sc, inc,sc 21, inc (52)
R3: sc, inc, sc 22, inc, sc, inc, sc 22, inc (56)
R4: sc 39, 6 sl st, sc 11 (56)
R5: sc 39, 6 sl st, sc 11 (56)
Fasten off and weave end.

The slip stitches should make the piece dip in for your nose. The side with the dips with be the bottom of your mask.



image: Single crochet around a foundation chain.

Ears (make 2)
Ch 10
R1: Starting 2nd ch from the hook sc back across the chain and around the other side (18)
R2: sc,inc, sc 8, inc, sc, inc, sc 8, inc (22)
R3-5: sc 22
Fasten off leave tail to sew to mask

Attach both ears to the top side of the mask at either end.

Eyes (make 2)
Using the black felt cut out egg shaped eyes and sew or glue them onto the mask with the smaller end facing each other.

You could crochet black circles to use instead but I liked the flat look of the felt and the mixing of textures.

Cut out your fabric to fit on the back of your mask and sew or glue this to the mask. It will make for a softer feel against your face and help block out light.


Lastly attach your elastic band to either side of the mask. If you don’t have elastic you could use yarn/ribbon and just tie in the back instead. I’m doing this until I can get to the store to buy some elastic.


Voila all done.

This makes a pretty small mask but it can easily be altered to make a bigger mask. Simply start with a chain long enough to cover across your face and crochet around increasing at the ends on either side of the chain.

I hope you enjoy this simple pattern. An easy an fun project to make for kids especially. Please let me know if you find any mistakes. I’d love to see your project so feel free to send us pics at info or post them on social media with #YTpandamask

Thanks for visiting!

3 comments on “Free Panda Sleep Mask Pattern”

  1. Hi, this looks really cute! I would love to make it, but there seems to be a mistake. R3: sc, inc, sc 22, inc, sc, inc, sc 22, inc does not add up to 56 stitches, I am left with 2 stitches in the end (re-counted several times). I guess it should be either sc 23 in between both, but then the shape won’t be properly mask-like? So more like sc, inc, sc 22, inc, sc, inc, sc 24, inc, would that put it into correct shape (to work with the later sl st for nose)?

    Also I am having a bit of trouble with the triple row with the same count – it starts curling in, like a “cup”. Is it supposed to do that? Or perhaps should R4 also be an increase, up to I guess 60?

    I am not that good at adjusting patterns so thank you in advance for your help with getting this super cute mask done! 🙂

    • Hi I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the pattern. Row 3 should be correct. It’s the same as previous row but the sc increases by one because of the increases you made in the previous row. With the triple rows my mask didn’t curl but I used a softer yarn. I can see why it might curl with a stiffer yarn. You could increase up to 60 like you suggested just keep the slip stitches to create the nose dip.

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