When I first started doing dolls I found figuring out how to give the dolls hair was the hardest part.  There are tons of techniques out there and I use different techniques depending how I want the hair.  A few people did ask me recently how I did the hair on my Ariel doll. I thought I’d do a short tutorial and hopefully it will help some of you out there. I know I was desperately looking for info when I did my first doll.


My technique is actually quite simple. The key is to work with an infinite loop of yarn rather than strands. Create a loop of yarn for as long as you want the hair.  I know yarn can be expensive but I tend to make the hair longer so I can trim it later if need be. I learned the mistake of making it too short and not being able to add later on.  After that you’ll want to decide where you want the bangs to sit. I did Ariel off the side. I used pins to secure one end of the loop to where I wanted the section of hair to sit and sewed it down. Next take that same section of hair and twist it. This will make up Ariel’s front bang.


Once the hair has been twisted, secure the bottom section to lower portion of her head near the neck. I cut another piece of yarn to use as a hair tie and leave a tail to sew into the head. Repeat the whole process with another section of hair parted to the other side. This time I tuck the new section under the old one.

IMG_6241-2     IMG_6243-2

Once both sections are secured you can start working on the back of the hair. I repeat making the bundled sections and securing them along the hairline you have now created from the bangs. This time I simply didn’t twist the hair. You can also insert layers underneath for thicker hair.


That’s pretty much all there is to it. Once the hair is the way you want it just give the hair a trim and cut the loops at the bottom if desired. I kept the loops. I felt like it kept the hair together better.  Sorry I didn’t have an unfinished head to show you guys the pinning and sewing. I’ll add more pictures when I do another doll.  I hope this helps. Feel free to let me know if this is helpful.

EDIT:  I started creating a base cap out of the same color as the hair so you can’t see through to the scalp. I’ve found this to be extremely helpful. I also can secure the twists to the end of the wig cap to hold them in place rather than securing to the head or neck.

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  1. beautiful work! I agree, hair is the hardest part of an Amigurumi doll! Can you tell me what yarn you used for her skin? I’m trying to find a good skin tone yarn for princesses. Thanks!

    • Hi Angela. The yarn is by a brand called Lily. It’s the sugar ‘n cream cotton yarn in the color camomile. I bought it at my local Michaels.

  2. Hi! This is my first time making a doll and I was confused about one part. You said to pin and sew the hair down, how do I do that? Is it done by sewing each yarn individually?

    • Hi Kaela. I use another piece of yarn as my sewing yarn. I wrap it around the whole bundle then use that piece and also sew it down to the head. I hope this helps.

  3. This is a great post! I love how finished her hair looks around her face, but you still have the option of braiding it or leaving it down. And what a great idea to use loops so the ends never get ratty! Thanks!

    • The yarn is by a brand called Lily. It’s the sugar ‘n cream cotton yarn in the color camomile. I bought it at my local Michaels.

  4. Omg i looveee this my daughter would love this too do you ever sell them? I don’t know how to crochet.

    • Hi Carolina. I may try to write the pattern down sometime in the future when I have more free time. I’m so glad you like it.

    • Sorry Blythe no video at the moment but I may try to recreate this for a pattern in the future and will include more pictures.

    • Hi Heidi, Unfortunately this was a gift and I no longer have the doll. I may try to recreate it for a pattern in the future so will include more pictures then.

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  6. Thanks for this excellent tutorial, I’ve bee umming and ahing over how to finish my little Mermaid Dolls hair – Thanks heaps!

    • I’m currently working on a scaled down version. It will be in the shop hopefully in a couple weeks.

  7. Hi is the Ariel doll pattern available to purchase? My granddaughter wants me to make her one. Please let me know if it’s available and where to find it.

    Thank you so much!

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