Los Angeles native Peng Lim is the artist behind Yarn Treasures. Crafting from a young age, Lim has always had a love of all things handmade.


My sister and I would sit for hours folding origami or making paper flowers. It came very natural to me and was extremely fulfilling.

Lim has been crocheting since December 2013, taking it up during a holiday hiatus after a cousin introduced her to the world of amigurumi (the Japanese art of crochet or knitted animals).  Lim was instantly mesmerized and determined to learn to teach herself to crochet.

Thankfully with the help of internet blogs and the world of Youtube I was able to complete the basic stitches after a few days of practice.

Lim’s mother attributes her ease with crochet hooks to a natural talent passed down from her departed grandmother.  Lim recalls all the beautiful pieces her grand mother created for her throughout her life.

We would pick out the  most beautiful yarn and grandmother would crochet or knit us beautiful scarves and slippers.  She never worked off patterns and could create the most intricate designs.

Yarn Treasures was developed to share her new found love of crochet and spread the word about the beautiful craft of amigurumi. Here  you’ll find tips for amigurumi creation, crochet along with Lim through free patterns, see some of her unique work and find other non crochet craft projects as well.  While Lim does sell some of her work it’s not her main focus and pieces will be available on a limited basis.

Lim is currently working toward developing more of her own designs but still enjoys working off patterns. She would love to also love to eventually learn to knit as well. She considers crocheting a work in progress and is constantly striving to pick up new techniques and refine her workmanship.

When not crocheting Lim also enjoys Yoga, playing guitar, traveling, learning photography, buying beautiful paper goods and being a foodie.